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Access Server – What it is and what it is not

OpenVPN Access Server is a client-server model VPN application.  Access Server was built for deployment on Linux servers, available for all major Linux distros, however we also offer AS virtual appliances for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXi deployments.  AS uses the OpenVPN protocol to secure network traffic, offering a wide range of configurations and granular access control features.  It is engineered for quick deployment, downloading, and installing.

AS is an OpenVPN Technologies product.  Anyone can download and install Access Server, which includes 2 concurrent connections.  If more connections/users are needed a license must be purchased from our website:

Access Server can easily support hundreds or even thousands of connections.  We also offer support for Access Server customers through Access Server's admin UI.

Access Server is not OpenVPN, it is a service that uses OpenVPN - OpenVPN itself is an open source protocol developed by James Yonan.  While we adhere to open source principals and are proud to be part of the open source community we cannot offer full-time support for open source OpenVPN deployments.  There is a large community of supporters and forums to help with those.  It can be a little confusing, there is a ton of information about OpenVPN - it is considered a security standard and is included as a protocol in many well respected software/firmware distributions such as pfSense Firewall and DD-WRT.

When perusing for information about Access Server it is a good idea to be aware of the difference between AS and OpenVPN.  Within the website, open source distributions are labeled as Community.  If you look at the url and see community.openvpn, you are looking at OpenVPN information and not Access Server details.

Here at OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. we absolutely encourage the use of the OpenVPN Community versions along with Access Server.  The organic and amazing growth of OpenVPN, in all forms, is a testament to how good it really is.