Due to interest expressed by our customers to have access to beta releases of Access Server, we have made this possible now. We have created a special webpage to access beta releases of Access Server when they are available. We expect to be making beta releases available for a limited time before eventually moving them over to a regular release. For now we have created some exciting changes in Access Server that focus on upgrading the core components by moving to OpenVPN 2.4 and mbed TLS 2.6, which should improve stability and at the same time open up options for better control of encryption ciphers used in the VPN tunnels. For details we suggest you head on over to the beta release page.

We welcome any feedback, good or bad, and kindly suggest you do so using our support ticket system, and to please notify us that you are testing the beta release, and not the stable release, when you make a report to us. Instructions on how to leave feedback are also mentioned on the beta release page.