OpenVPN Access Server beta program


For our enthusiastic users we offer the option of downloading beta releases of Access Server, when they are available. We normally build development builds internally that undergo rigorous testing until finally a build is made that we consider to be ready for release, but which requires some final in-the-field testing. Some of our regular customers have expressed an avid interest in accessing these release candidate builds. As such we have created a beta program for the OpenVPN Access Server program. There is no special membership required, these builds function just like the ordinary releases, meaning they work even without a license key, allowing 2 connections (or as many as you are licensed for, if you want to test it on a production system) but obviously with the caveat that since it's beta software, it may still be possible that the product contains some unforeseen bugs.

Legal information

Our normal software license agreement for OpenVPN Access Server applies to the beta releases, as well as a warning that since this is beta software, you may not expect production level performance from the beta builds. In other words we take no responsibility if the server crashes because of an installation of a beta build of OpenVPN Access Server. Having said that, we do of course do our best to try to ensure that the product performs as expected.

To clarify: these builds are not for production use and if you do so it is at your own risk. People seeking to upgrade Access Server to the latest stable release should go here:

Beta release notes for Access Server 2.5

  • PolarSSL updated to mbed TLS 2.6 (same project, different name).
  • OpenVPN core updated from version 2.3 to version 2.4.
  • Admin UI framework rewritten to run on bootstrap + jquery.
  • Bug fixed where if the vpn.server.tls_auth configuration key was missing, the core would assume it was disabled, while it should assume enabled.
  • Bug fixed where certain webpages in the client UI could be accessed by unauthenticated users, but this did not reveal any sensitive information at all.
  • In preparation for moving to an updated web interface to resolve certain problems, the client UI now defaults to 'login' instead of 'connect'.
  • in the future, the admin UI and client UI will be significantly altered and the function to connect the client computer with a button in the web interface will work differently but achieve the same purpose.
  • Authentication is now assumed to be 'LOCAL' by default, which means it's simpler to deploy and manage an Access Server through the web interface.
  • Layer2 bridging option removed from the Admin UI (but can still be used and will be kept intact for people that are upgrading) as it is not a recommended VPN connection method.
  • Broken connectivity test removed from the Admin UI. Will be restored at a later date.
  • Various small issues fixed in the Admin UI which could cause a "vpn.server.cipher" key missing error to pop up.

Changes since beta2 (current release is beta3):

  • Improved handling when deleting a user from the Access Server while the user is still connected, ensures connections and certificates are all deleted for that user.
  • Upgrade failure fixed when upgrading from an older Access Server that was running on PolarSSL - now known as mbed TLS.
  • Updated OpenVPN Connect Client for Windows included that is able to implement multiple DNS Resolution Zones. Some other minor DNS related fixes are included as well.

Downloads overview, AS 2.5 beta3

Installation instructions

This is the same as for any Access Server installation. Since this is only available as a separate package installer file and not as a whole appliance, we refer you to the instructions on how to install Access Server on any supported Linux operating system. Note that the commands used in the installation procedure on the page linked below will also detect and start an upgrade procedure keeping existing configuration settings intact.


Obviously the whole point of this is to get feedback from our users, to learn what you, our customers, want to see, and to report any problems you may find. You can reach us best at our support ticket system. Kindly do take care to notify us when you are about to give us feedback about the beta system, and not about the stable release!