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Access Server 2.1.12 release notes

OpenVPN Access Server 2.1.12 has been released today. Most of the changes made are small bug fixes and adjustments to default settings for new installations that will enhance the security of new setups. One major change is the ability to turn off TLS authentication....

Issues revealed by security audit now resolved

Minor security vulnerabilities revealed by an audit of OpenVPN, anĀ open source security software providing a safer and more secure internet to millions worldwide, have been fixed. The Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, known as OSTIF, provided funding for the...

Heartbleed vulnerability

On Monday evening, April 7th of 2014, we were informed of a major vulnerability, dubbed 'Heartbleed' (CVE-2014-0160), within one of the Internet's most significant security libraries (OpenSSL). A great number of services across the internet, including OpenVPN Access...

Your own server, or in the Cloud?

OpenVPN Access Server is available for a wide variety of platforms, from dedicated platforms to dockers and virtual appliances and cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Azure.

Connect from nearly any device

OpenVPN client software is available on all the major platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Apple iOS, Android, and Linux.

OpenVPN Access Server made creating a secure link from our engineers to our AWS Cloud a breeze. The support and documentation are top of its class, and we were good to go within an hour.

Selby Kendrick

Senior Software Engineer, Rebel

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