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Access Server 2.5 beta 2 available

We have updated our Access Server 2.5 beta 1 release to version beta 2, to address a small issue found during testing that would make the Admin UI inaccessible if a specific optional configuration key (vpn.server.cipher) was not defined. This could only occur under...

Beta release for Access Server 2.5 available

Due to interest expressed by our customers to have access to beta releases of Access Server, we have made this possible now. We have created a special webpage to access beta releases of Access Server when they are available. We expect to be making beta releases...

Planned removal of MD5 support

In beginning of November of 2017, we released a new version of OpenVPN Connect for Android with many security and functionality improvements. Shortly thereafter we received reports from some users that making a connection was no longer possible. The error messages...

Your own server, or in the Cloud?

OpenVPN Access Server is available for a wide variety of platforms, from dedicated platforms to dockers and virtual appliances and cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Azure.

Connect from nearly any device

OpenVPN client software is available on all the major platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Apple iOS, Android, and Linux.

OpenVPN Access Server has allowed us to connect all our offices and remote workers together securely. The management interface presents all the important configuration settings and their support has been fantastic.

Stephen Allen

Company owner, Virtality IT

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