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OpenVPN Access Server 2.5 released

The software packages for OpenVPN Access Server 2.5 have now been released on our website. We will eventually update our images available for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure, in the coming weeks. For users that are running a failover...

OpenVPN Connect iOS 1.2.9 released

Version 1.2.9 of the OpenVPN Connect app for iOS is now officially out on the Apple app store. This version primarily takes care of preventing the MD5 warning pop-up from appearing on screen too often. Next to that we have updated the SSL library so that it can now...

OpenVPN Connect iOS 1.2.8 released

Version 1.2.8 of the OpenVPN Connect app for iOS is now officially out on the Apple app store. Major changes in this release are: re-introduction of the possibility to upload a CertificatePayload (also known as "p12") within a ProvisioningProfile (also known as...

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Your own server, or in the Cloud?

OpenVPN Access Server is available for a wide variety of platforms, from dedicated platforms to dockers and virtual appliances and cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Azure.

Connect from nearly any device

OpenVPN client software is available on all the major platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Apple iOS, Android, and Linux.

OpenVPN Access Server has allowed us to connect all our offices and remote workers together securely. The management interface presents all the important configuration settings and their support has been fantastic.

Stephen Allen

Company owner, Virtality IT

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