We have released a beta version of Access Server 2.6.beta.2 that contains the first version of our cluster feature for Access Server. With the cluster feature it is possible to run multiple Access Server nodes that accept the same credentials and certificates for your users. This opens the door to a high availability function even on systems like Amazon AWS where our UCARP/VRRP LAN-based failover model doesn't work, or in different data centers across the globe because it's now possible to run them in different areas and still have them cooperate as a single cluster. Using DNS round-robin, one access point for all these nodes can be set up. VPN clients will able to obtain a connection profile at any one of these servers, and can still connect even if one of the nodes has a problem, as the other nodes will still be online to service VPN clients. This type of setup is also useful to make it possible to run many thousands of users on Access Server, spread out over multiple nodes.

This is a first release, and it is beta, and while we have tested it, there may still be some bugs. If you encounter any please let us know so we can get them fixed as soon as possible. Having said that, this is an exciting new feature to have, and we already have a few clusters running ourselves. We will continue to develop and improve it, and there are some interesting additional new features planned that we are working on to make the OpenVPN Access Server even better.

For details we suggest you head on over to the beta release page.

We welcome any feedback, good or bad, and kindly suggest you do so using our support ticket system, and to please notify us that you are testing the beta release, and not the stable release, when you make a report to us. Instructions on how to leave feedback are also mentioned on the beta release page.