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AWS – Admin Web Server Interface

The AWS is protected by a username/password combination. By default the Access Server sets up a user by the name of "openvpn". Right after installing the OpenVPN Access Server for the first time, you are required to set a password for the "openvpn" user at the CLI and then use that to login at the AWS. If you have forgotten the password for this user on your OpenVPN Access Server, look at the screenshots below or search the FAQ for information on how to reset the password for the "openvpn" user. Please note that you can not and should not use the "root" user credentials to login at the AWS.

Other users may optionally be given administrative access so that they too may log in at the AWS. By default a standard user does not have access to the AWS.




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  • License
  • Server Network Settings
  • VPN Mode
  • VPN Settings
  • Advanced VPN
  • Web Server
  • Client Settings
  • Failover

User Management

  • User Permissions
  • Group Permissions
  • Revoke Certificates


  • General
  • PAM
  • LDAP


  • Profiles
  • Connectivity Test
  • Support