How to Configure LDAP/AD on Access Server

Connecting to your LDAP server can be accomplished entirely through the Admin UI.

Log in to your Admin UI and click on LDAP in the left menu.


If you have not previously selected LDAP as your authentication protocol, you can do that on this page.  Click Use LDAP.

Then click Update Running Server to save the changes.  You are ready to enter your LDAP server information.

Enter the primary server IP address and secondary server IP address (if applicable).

  1. Enter the IP addresses
  2. Select Bind anonymously or Bind DN credentials
  3. Enter LDAP password
  4. Enter the Base DN for User Entries (note: there is a space between entries in this field - DC=vpn, DC=com)
  5. Enter the proper Username Attribute for your LDAP server (uid and cn are common entries for OpenLDAP, sAMAccountName for AD)

Below these entries are Advanced LDAP fields - this field can be used to specify a particular group that users should be a part of, for instance.  Pay attention to the syntax, again there are spaces between entries.

Click Save Settings, then Update Running Server.  Check connectivity and revise settings as needed.